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"This book is equal parts hot man lovin’ and delicious feels. The pace is brisk, and the sex is copious. And scorching. Collin is a complete novice, and enthralled by Tanner’s openness and experience. They are a good match for each other, and conscientious of each other. Their main conflict, remaining closeted, is a big hurdle which is well managed.I truly enjoyed, and had my heart engaged from page one.” 5 stars from VSReads


“There was a lot of content, just the right balance of tension and angst, and a whole lot of passion. Stivali has this ability to draw you into the story and the lives of these characters, get you rooting for Collin and Tanner, hoping they learn to navigate their new found romance. Definitely a must read… short, sexy and steamy.”  5 hearts from MMGoodBooks Reviews


“Moment of Impact is a powerful look at the fear associated with being gay among blatantly homophobic family and friends. At its core, it is a friends-to-lovers tale of coming to terms with one’s self and coming out to one’s friends and family.That is what Moment of Impact masterfully addresses. It isn’t a long or overly emotional novella, but it is well-written and worth the read.” 4.5 stars from Prism Book Alliance


“This was such a beautiful and yet realistic view of many gay relationships and the author captured it brilliantly. I thought the huge difference in their upbringing was so well written and set up the characters perfectly for this beautiful love story. This was my first novel by this author and I greatly enjoyed it. Her writing flowed so beautifully from page to page and the intense chemistry and the love between these guys was the absolute best.” 5 stars from Gay Media Reviews


“There is so much to like here: the captivating writing that kept me reading until I was finished, the way the guys get together initially, the physical connection the guys have together, and the pace for most of the story. Bottom line, at the end of the story my first thought was that it was simply a great book. ” 4.5 stars from Joyfully Jay

“A True Gem.” 4.5 stars from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


“I really did love this book.” 9 pots of gold from Rainbow Gold Reviews


“Moment of Impact is a tender heartwarming tale and One that I would highly recommend reading.” 5 stars from Saguaro Moon Reviews




“I am loving this series very much and book 2 was even more thrilling if that was even possible. It was so sweet and beautiful to see the amazing connection that these boys share. I love how the author wrote about the feelings that Collin was having with coming out as this is a very difficult time for some gay men. The author told it so realistically and it was so spot on. The very real feelings and jealousy that face Collin was some of the best writing that I have had the pleasure to read. The author writes in such a way that you truly feel that you know or once knew these men.” 5 stars from Gay Media Reviews


“The story is sweet and hot. It is heartwrenching and heartwarming. I am ready for part three, Moment of Clarity.” 4.5 stars from Prism Book Alliance


“From start to finish this story had a nice flow that captivated me and held me in it’s sweetly romantic embrace.” 4.5 stars from Words Of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess


“Karen Stivali once again pulled so many emotions from me just by sharing her story. She is such an outstanding author. I will guarantee that, without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll not only fall in love with Tanner and Collin from the Moments In Time series but Karen’s vivid ways of spinning a story.”  5 stars from Saguaro Moon Reviews 





“From the very first line in Moment of Impact to the very last line in Moment of Clarity this has been a beautifully told story of love, life, and passion. I have loved these two amazing young men from the start; I have cried for them, I have cheered for them, and I have loved watching them learn, grow, accept, trust each other, and embrace the love they have for each other and I thank Karen Stivali for their amazing journey.” – 5 stars and a Purest Delight rating from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


“I am completely enamored with these two characters. Stivali created two young men that are such a realistic portrayal of young gay reality today… Loved it, just go buy it now you won’t be disappointed! But start with the first installment if you haven’t read any of the three yet, this series must be read in order.” – 5 Stars from MMGoodBooks Reviews 


“Realistic and brilliantly written…I have loved all the books in this series and the author doesn’t disappoint at all with Moment Of Clarity! I completely fell for Collin and Tanner and you will too. I highly recommend this novel as well as the entire series.” – 5 stars from Gay Media Reviews


“I thoroughly enjoyed this end to the series, and the whole set. The three novellas are filled with fast-paced plots, deep feels and some seriously smokin’ sexytimes.” – 5 stars from V’s Reads 




"I’m in love again. I love reading a story of one of my favorite authors and getting lost in her book. If you haven’t read a book by Karen Stivali then you are missing out on wonderful writer of contemporary romance."

~5 stars and a True Gem Rating from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


"Then Again, by Karen Stivali, is a once in a lifetime romance for the ages!  This is one of the most heart warming love stories I have read in a long time.  The innocence of the romance is built on love and trust.  I was captivated and spellbound by the wonderfully poetic prose.  Ms. Stivali, made me fall in love again in my lifetime, with James Margolis, and you will too!"~5 stars from A Bookish Escape


 “Karen Stivali is a mastermind at creating compelling, entertaining stories that have grit, depth, genuine, charismatic characters, fluid, believable dialogue, and emotional entanglements that will keep the reader engrossed from beginning to end. The plot is complex and well-developed, the characters are three-dimensional and simply leap off the pages, the witty banter is humorous, the passion is explosive yet endearing, and the small town antics and gossip will have you laughing until you cry.” 5 stars and A Recommended Read from BLACKRAVEN REVIEWS


“I loved the characters in this story. James is a man made of every woman's dreams and Kay is the lonely but successful woman unable to believe she is capable of finding that forever love. The story line flows well and is amusing as well as heart wrenching. This tale will be remembered with nostalgia and a warm and fuzzy feeling. Definitely a must read written by a very talented author!” – Fresh Fiction


 “Then, Again by Karen Stivali is simply perfect.  It has the perfect blend of romance, lighthearted banter, sexy scenes and laughter. It's a timeless love story that every romantic at heart should read. 5+++ stars.” Reviewing In Chaos


 “If you are looking for a feel good story with a side of hot lovin' then this is the book for you!” 4 stars from Angela’s Smexy Book Reviews


“I absolutely loved this story!!” Wolfel’s Word Of Books


“I gave this book the highest stars because it was a fast pace, extremely hot-in-the-kitchen, and the characters were plain enjoyable to read about. Karen writes so eloquently that her book takes you into another zone.” 5 stars  from Cruising Susan’s Reviews


“I LOVE this couple! This was the first book I have read from Karen Stivali, and it won't be my last.  I really enjoyed her writing style and how she develops her characters.  If you are looking for a story that will touch your heart, make you laugh out loud, make you mist up (if not cry) and leave you with a huge smile on your face (and a wicked craving for scones) then I would definitely add Then, Again to your BUY list this week!” 4 stars from Blushing Reader


“I thoroughly loved this book and loved the chemistry between James and Kay.”  5 stars from Roni Reviews


“Then, Again is a beautifully told love story of looking back to find your future.” 4 stars from The Risque Redheads


 “There were parts that made my heart-clench, made me swoon, made me laugh,  and just pure and simply made me giddy.  This is a book for you hopeless romantics out there.”  4 stars from Sugar And Spice And Everything Naughty


 “I was sucked in and just could not put the book down.” 4.5 stars from Becca The Bibliophile


“Then, Again by Karen Stivali was such a sweet, romantic, and heartwarming story.  It made me swoon, it made me laugh. it was a true love story, one where that made me feel better for reading it.I was consumed and elated while reading this book.  The one word I would describe this very romantic story would be perfect.” 5 stars Mary Elizabeth’s Crazy Book Obsession


“I can’t even believe the way the love scenes in this book were written. Karen Stivali you’re amazing! I felt myself melting as I was reading. (Did someone turn up the heat in here?) It is like pure poetry the way she writes. I was definitely swooning with this one!”  4 stars from Swoonworthy Books




“The perfect contemporary romance .  An entertaining, well-written book with an authentic love story that took complete hold of my mind, body and soul from the very first page.” 5 Stars and a Top Pick from Harlequin Junkie


 “It simply is a perfect story; charming characters, a believable plot, sexy fun, and flawless writing have sold me on author Karen Stivali.” 4.5 Stars and a Purest Delight rating from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


“Do you have room for one more man on your list of book boy friends?  If not, you need to drop someone to make room for Parker Wood.” 5 Stars from Literati Literature Lovers


"It’s proven here that best friends can become lovers and thrive."- 4 stars RT Book Reviews


“You will fall in love as I did with Parker and Sophie. Again, in writing Leave The Lights On, Karen provides us with a wonderful story.  I have read all of Karen’s works’, and this is my favorite story so far.” 4.5 Stars from Cruising Susan’s Book Reviews


“An absolute **gem** of a story and one that I can recommend without hesitation!” 4 Stars from Swept Away By Romance


“To say that this (book) was a breath of fresh air is an understatement.” 5 Stars from Kaidan’s Seduction Book Blog


“This is the type of longing-sigh inspiring, toe curling, book that you've been looking for. I’ll happily admit that Parker stole my heart.” 4 Stars from Hopelessly Devoted  Bibliophile


“This is just the sweetest book ever! I loved everything about this story! The banter between these two is just plain adorable.” 5 Stars from Book Babes Unite


“Parker, oh Parker.  He is an ideal book boyfriend.  He will sweep you off your feet and have you begging for more.” Sleepless in Chicago


“Karen Stivali has a wonderful way with words. Her ability to draw you in to the world of her characters is truly amazing.” 4 Stars from The Reading Cow


“I love Parker!!!” 4.5 Stars from Book Freak



“I loved the characters.” 4 stars from Escape Into A Book


“Leave the Lights On is exactly what the doctor ordered.  This book was my book version of comfort food.” 4 Stars from Three Girls and A Book Obsessio


“Very well written and very steamy!” 4 Stars from Love Romance Books


“A beautifully written story, "Leave The Lights On" is a reminder of what true love means, how forgiveness is earned and trust is monumental to any relationship.” 4 Stars from A Love Affair With Books


“The emotions are so real, the characters perfectly flawed…Leave The Lights On is another to add to the collection of stories I’ve enjoyed by Ms. Stivali.” 4 Stars from Storm Goddess Reviews


“From the very first page I was hooked. This is Karen Stivali at her best.” Bare Naked Words


“The whole book is melt worthy.” 4+ Stars from Helena’s Heat


“For those of you that love a good HEA, this book is definitely for you.” Flutters and Flails


“Stivali's LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON drew me in from the beginning and the author did a wonderful job of giving us Sophie, Parker, and Joey's history along with several others while weaving it through the storyline.”4 stars from Romance Junkies 


“I have fallen in love with Parker!”  4.5 Stars from The Book Blog


“A super sexy read--- hot enough to steam up my kindle screen. If only every man was as intuitive as Parker, the women of the world would be happily sated.” Dirty Girls Book Club


“Let me tell you, the explosive sex scenes between these two are hotter than the sun. Such strong chemistry. Stivali knows how to write romance.” 4 Stars from The Flirty Reader 


“This romance that will curl your toes, make you swoon, and leave you on a happily-ever-after high!” 4 Stars Waves Of Fiction


“I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sweet love story.” 4 Stars from Night Reads


“A classic love story.” 4 Stars from Fiction’s Our Addiction


“The friends-to-lovers scenario tends to be one of my favorite romance story lines, and Leave the Lights On didn't disappoint. If HEAs are your game, look no further.” 4 Stars from All In A Book




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