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Why choose energy healing?

Energy healing is an umbrella term used to cover a wide variety of modalities that are based on the scientific fact that everything is made up of energy. Because of that, anything that causes energy to get stuck, or blocked, can make you feel unwell physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

What energy healing can do is get your energy flowing smoothly again which will lead to an overall improved quality of life. It's helpful for an array of issues ranging from anxiety or depression, to chronic stress, to false or limiting beliefs, to anger issues, to negative self-talk, to overcoming past traumas. 

Unlike physical means of getting energy flowing---things like yoga, tai chi or qi gong, acupressure/acupuncture, reflexology, massage---energy healers are able to tap into your energy remotely making sessions just as powerful from thousands of miles away as they would be in person.

Over the course of the past seven years I've studied various forms of energy healing with some of the leading teachers in the field. I'm currently a Certified Master Healer in GEOLOVE Healing and am trained in EFT Tapping, mindfulness and meditation as well.

Using the tools and techniques I've learned has completely changed my life. After a lifetime of anxiety, insomnia, and frequent bouts of depression, these are now infrequent occurrences that no longer control my life or define who I am. Traumas that haunted me for decades are now in my past, where they belong and I'm able to be present in my life and the lives of those I love.

I've been sharing these tools and techniques with friends along the way but have now had the pleasure of working on clients all across the globe---the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Dubai---and my wish is to continue helping people all over the planet to live healthier, happier lives filled with peace, love and joy.

If you're interested in learning more or booking a session, please email me at:

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Please follow me for videos and other tips on how to start your own journey toward energetic health and realignment with your true self. 

Have an amazing day! 

Disclaimer: Energy healing is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Always consult a medical doctor or certified therapist for any physical or mental health concerns. Energy healing is a complimentary practice not a cure-all. 

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"Karen is a very powerful healer with the ability to connect with her client's guides in helping facilitate the healing. I could truly feel the power of her energy throughout my body, it was as if we were in different time and space. I had one of the best experiences during her healing on me and I felt so much love in my heart. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to work with an energy healer." ~ IM from Dubai, UAE

“Karen is an extremely powerful healer and yet so humble. I’ve received a number of healings from her that have left me enjoying the quiet of my own mind—which, as a chronic overthinker, is very relaxing. Her channeled messages are always on point and validate the insights I receive on my end during her healings. She and her guides often bring humour to the table to help you feel at ease and in a safe space. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking a healing and/or guidance.” - SA,  from Calgary, Canada


"As an author, my creativity is everything to me. Karen's intuitive healing gifts led to one of the most productive and profitable times in my career." ~ AB,  from Portland, OR


"When I lost my mother in 2022, I felt like I lost a huge piece of myself. With Karen's energy work, I have not only made my peace with my grief journey, said goodbye on a deeper level than I ever thought possible, but I've met my truest, highest self. I'm a work in progress, but each healing unearths more wisdom and more pieces of the puzzle that is my best self. "  ~ BG, from St. Louis, MO

"Starting the healing journey has exceeded all my expectations, in the best of ways. A big part of that has been because of Karen's ability, compassion, and calming nature. I am convinced my awesome progress is because I've had her to lead and guide me. If you're looking to start a journey that opens your heart and mind in ways you never imagined, Karen is the person you've been looking for."   ~KR from MS, USA

"When I'm anxious or having trouble finding my way, a session with Karen helps calm me down, clear the cobwebs, and lights the path. She's a professional with a compassionate and gentle nature who has a gift for making you feel relaxed and open to receiving the gifts the universe has to give you. Five stars."  ~TS from KY, USA

"Karen is a gifted healer, who has the ability to channel messages from a higher power. Her insight, deep wisdom and honesty, deliver these messages for others to receive. Her dedication and loyalty to her practice shows her accountability. She has helped me to be more patient, at the time, I was working on trusting divine timing. I highly recommend Karen as a energy healer for anyone looking to improve their potentials and gain higher wisdom and insights."  ~VS from PA, USA

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